Friday, December 16, 2011

Life Lessons from the Beach

I'm back. What a relaxing time I had. Lots of it spent on the beach - reading, dipping a toe in the waves, watching the sun dance across the water, and talking. I'll probably boring you with some of the observations, both mine and others, for the next few days.

Love this advice shared by a friend from her brother. When you are trying to make a decision but can't, DON'T. Put simply if you sometimes think yes and sometimes think no, go with the no. You're just not ready yet to say yes. A yes is usually clear and convincing. If you're vacillating, it's for a reason. Step back from the yes. Go with the no.

I think I like this advice. It's valuable for kids when they are weighing their options. And looking back on occasions when I was flip flopping between yes and no, when I followed this system the results were good. So I'm packing my life tool bag with a flipping yes and NO. I think it will cut down on future mistakes.

Good to be back.

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