Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winding Down, Gearing Up

My holiday is over. The last chick flew out of the nest this morning. Actually we had the gift of an extra day as his scheduled flight was cancelled yesterday. Today he took off, and as I write this is almost home.

Now I'm faced with loads of wash, mounds of used sheets and towels, lots of ironing, undecorating and a strong urge to get back to sewing. So as the Christmas mode winds down, my fingers itch to create new dresses.

After longhorn orange and sooner red (see pajama bottoms in previous post), I want to work with blues, yellows and pinks. I am inspird by gardens - flowers, butterflies and birds.  After my week at the beach, I have lots of shells  that call out to me with their soft palettes of grays, pinks and golds. Don't be surprised to see some clothes in those colors.

New designs!! The buttoned strap jumper. A mid-length skirt. Onesie with a longer skirt. These should look great in spring and summer fabrics.

My new year's creative energy soars. Next comes meetings with crative buddies to plan marketing and selling opportunities. Lots of thoughts running through my brain. Welcoming 2012.

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