Saturday, December 17, 2011

Funny Business

This craft business is odd, unpredictable and funny - in a weird way, not ha ha. The second half of 2011 has not been very profitable for Annarella Girl or Mama Ds. Sales have been flat. Shows were time consuming and not much fun. We're happy to see the end of the year.

I have plans for next year, but already I'm stumbling. The first show I applied for has just rejected me. Sad. I just can't seem to break into the next level of shows, the ones with a well qualified jury and a good reputation for high quality, handmade goods. I'm left listening to my insecure voices - "you're not good enough; you're not original enough; you're not forward thinking enough." After 3 years of designing and sewing the Annarella Girl line I thought I would be further along on a trajectory toward success. It all leaves me confused and frustrated. Unsure and losing the enthusiasm to figure out how to move forward.

I need something good to happen. I'm getting tired of slogging through the morass of just breaking even. If it weren't for the thrill I get from choosing fabrics, creating new designs and sewing it all together, I would give up without the constant struggle and whining. But the simple truth is I LOVE what I'm doing. When I consider quitting - the yes, no of it - always the no wins.(Maybe that's why the life lesson advice of yesterday meant so much to me.) Deep inside my heart tells me to continue, it's not time to stop. So 2012 is a big year for me. I have a list of shows I want to do. (Keep your fingers crossed for the ones that are juried.) I'm hoping to create a group of crafters who can share resources, advice, a website and some shows to try and grow our businesses. I want to push a bit and see if I can have some success.

Wish me luck. I need to find some fun in the business end of crafting. Right now it is not funny business. Bring it on 2012.
(In a whisper... if I should quit, tell me. Put me out of my misery.) Okay I'm off to find a cheese to go with this whine. 

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susan said...

I think the answer may be in the way you present yourself. your designs are wonderful. fabrics are fabulous. combinations yummy. accessories perfectly complimentary. all those things are just right.
you know the news stories about how the dogs at the shelter are being photographed in fun life poses - lounging on chairs, with bows in their hair? not sure how you present your applications. but maybe a different spin on the product would get you noticed better.
everything is there. talent. quality. care. we just need to get them to sit up and beg!
never never never give up.
merry Christmas dearest!