Monday, November 21, 2011

Daily Education

Grammy, gran, nana, paw paw, pap pap, grandma, mimi and granpa. we all came to spend a morning at the Providence Classical School in Spring, Texas.. We sat with our knees to our chests in the first grade chairs and listened to singing and recitations. At the end we were treated to excerpts from Handel's "Messiah." Proudly we gazed at the fresh, shiny faces with the shy smiles and inquisative eyes. There is hope for our future if we let these scholar students grow up expanding their learning, curiousity  and humanity. Lets not put any limitations on their potential to become real leaders.

Thanks to all the caring teachers for allowing us to disrupt their day and to enjoy our trip back to school. Yes, there is hope for a better world, and I caught a glimpse today.

and read a thoughtful comment to my Three Words post with wisdom about the IB school my other family of grandchildren attend in Round Rock, Texas. More good news about educating our future leaders.

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