Sunday, November 20, 2011

If you say....

If you say something, it will become true.

The power of affirmation.

So today, I am healthy, wealthy and wise.

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Anonymous said...

OK, I am going to steal these from the I.B. (International Baccalaureate)learners profile because they fit so well into any career & life.

COMMUNICATION (understand and express ideas and information confidently and creatively.)

CRITICAL THINKIING (exercise initiative in applying thinking skills critically and creatively
to recognize and approach complex problems, and make reasoned, ethical decisions.)

B>KNOWLEDGE (acquire in-depth knowledge and develop understanding across a broad and balanced range of disciplines)

Personal Life:
BEING PRINCIPLED (act with integrity and honesty, with a strong sense of fairness, justice and respect for the dignity of the individual, groups and communities. They take
responsibility for their own actions and the consequences that accompany

OPEN MINDED (understand and appreciate their own cultures and personal histories, and
are open to the perspectives, values and traditions of other individuals and

RISK TAKERS (approach unfamiliar situations and uncertainty with courage and forethought, and have the independence of spirit to explore new roles, ideas and strategies.)

These are what my brother and I were taught & and what my kids are now being taught in school. We strive to reinforce this at home also :)