Friday, November 25, 2011


Artist, fellow blogger, Judy Grupp recently posted about rejection. She put out one of her "babies, a manuscript, and had gotten a rejection letter. It happens to almost all creative people sometime in their ccareer and it hurts.

Several of her followers wrote notes of encouragement to her. That is the beauty of blogging. You can put your pain out there and some one is always there to return with a hug, warm words and inspiration to pick yourself up, remove the smarting barbs and try, try again.

Thanks for all my fellow bloggers and artists who keep me going. Stop by Judy Grupp's blog and enjoy her wise words and the supportive comments of her readers.

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Judy Grupp Studio said...

Thanks Ellie! Lovely words! Your family is beautiful - muddy paws and all. Aren't we lucky to have such blessings!