Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cleaning Up

Do you all hate cleaning as much as I do? But I really don't like living in filth. And there is a point at which I can get clutter overload. When I don't have a single space that I frequent, like my sewing room, the kitchen or my bedroom, that doesn't have an uncluttered surface, then I reach clutter overload. After the frenetic pace of getting ready for shows, I've officially reached my limit. Today I'm kicking the dust bunnies to the curb. Rehanging all the fabrics. Catching up on ironing.

Tomorrow the window cleaners are coming. I look forward to being able to see outside again, but I'm fearful how much more dirt I'll be able to see inside. That's the good news, bad news of the day.

Peace and prosperity.

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