Monday, November 14, 2011

Characters in the Family Zoo

When Butler and I meet deer on our morning walk, their stately gait makes me think of my daughter. She has a similar stately, graceful stride always with a straight back and pointed toe. I enjoy watching her glide into a room with a stature that demands attention.

I realize that there are certain animals that remind me of members of my family. My father is the soaring, majestic bald eagle. My mother is a red cardinal flying here and there.. My husband is a rhino, commanding attention and filling a room, never ignored.

When Jeff was young he had a split personality - frenetic, funny Tigger or gloomy Eeyore. He has grown into Pooh with muscles. He is a bear with hugs, but very protective when it comes to his family. Pamela is a teal duck. She keeps us all in a row beautifully.

Ty is the owl. He sits above and keeps a sharp eye out, always observing. Allyson is a Siamese cat, sleek, and a soft gray husecat, warm and purring. (I just realized that makes them "the owl and the pussycat" off to sea in a pea green boat. Perfect.)

I almost left out my son-in-law. He is the strong stag to my daughter deer. He is a stalwart companion to her.
And the grandkids....
Sophia - a graceful swan with the wisdom of an owl
Drew - a Jack Russell, full of energy and smart
Ryann - a pink flamingo with dance moves
Ivy - a horse with tenacity
Jack - an inquisative, funny prairie dog
Hudson - young lion

Do you see your friends of family in the animal kingdom?

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