Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The To Do List

Last day before set up for First Baptist Church Christmas Spectacular. One thing I've learned form shows is that the better organized one is, the better the show goes; so today is "get it done" day. Here it is night, I'm tired, but the to do list is done. Hooray!!

I'm a circular thinker, a dreamer, maybe even a visionary on my very best days; but the day before an event, either business or personal, I settle down and drop into straight line thinking. Here comes focus and, for me, the rare ability to move steadily and smartly to the goal. My dad was an engineer who had a hard time understanding us dreamers. Many are the times when I wished I had inherited the logic, smart shortcut gene. Without fail if there are several ways to tackle a project, I will always pick the most complicated, convoluted method. Bank on it. But for the one day when time is running out, the to do list is endless, and I must perform; out of nowhere I can enjoy taking the shortest, straightest path to the end. Today is that day, and I've enjoyed exercising that miniscule part of my brain.

Do you think in circles or in straight lines? Are you the befuddled dreamer or the logical engineer?

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