Sunday, November 6, 2011

Roundabout and Flyovers

How do you know when an area is growing? Roads!!! A couple of years ago Georgetown got its first flyovers. Now you can soar over frontage roads to I35 on your way to Temple, Waco and Dallas. We don't have the spaghetti of big cities but we are on our way. Progress?

This year Georgetown constructed its first roundabout. Its quiet, out of the way in San Gabriel Park. but it's there. Four entrances/exits will take you by the river, to the dump or past the old folks home. Certainly doesn't rival the traffic circle around the Arche de Triomphe, thank you! Not sure if our little circle is forward or retro. Time will tell.

Warning: a political observation. As I'm writing this TV is talking in background. Catches my ear: "Rick Perry - there must be something to him since he has been governor of Texas for 20 some years." Wait a minute, I think that shows how little the folks of Texas will settle for. They apparently are not looking for a leader, just someone to occupy the governor's mansion. Texas' answer to a roundabout flyover.
(Okay, I got that off my chest.)

Have a relaxed Sunday. I'd like a rainy one.

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