Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Grown-up Thoughts

As a parent, grandparent and senior citizen, my thoughts sometimes turn to the legacy my generation is leaving to the future. I fear we are leaving a mess - too much emphasis on money, too much celebration of mean spirits, a too easy acceptance that the end justifies the means, too many of us telling others how to live their lives while not taking care of our own,  too much empahsis on testing our students and not enough on the value of learning and education. All heavy topics which I ponder on my morning walks.

I can't change the world. After all who would listen? But I am trying to live a better life by example. Keep striving to be a thoughtful person. Listening and learning from the people in my life. Not jumping to quick judgement. Enjoying what I have. Valuing the relationships I am blessed with. (And not worrying over ending a sentence with a preposition!)

I choose peace and love.

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