Thursday, November 17, 2011

Coming to Happy

Several post ago I said I was returning to Normal. Now my journey takes down the road to Happy. Here are a few landmarks on my way.

This AM spotted a young deer bounding across the lawns waving his white tail at me.

Can't help smiling at polks dots - especially giggle at multi-colored and multi-sized spots.

Ruffles are happy. Give them a twirl.

Thanksgiving is around the corner. At my house that means fun with family and food. Lots of laughter will be heard in the kitchen. Can't wait.

Sunshine after a bit of rain. Sky is bright blue.

What brings you to Happy? I'm waiting for you. We'll dance and sing to celebrate the small joys in our lives.


Anonymous said...

Getting a full submittal in for Permitting down at the City with 5 minutes to spare! Still undefeated, and I get to go home with the lightness a runner feels after having 15lb ankle weights removed. That makes me happy today!

ellie said...

Congrats! on running lighter today!