Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ta Dum

Here are the new corduroys that are in my etsy shop. In mid September they will be at Diva Chicks Artful Boutique in downtown Georgetown. I love them! Hope you do, too.

Lady Gaga eat your heart out - black and white houndstooth with pink.

In the garden with green lattice on chocolate brown.

Rich, lush deep purple background. The color of royalty which all the Annarella Girls are.

Devilishly hard to photograph this print. It is much softer, more subtle than this. Come see it in person.

You've seen it before. Now it is ready for sale.

Can't wait to see what response I get to this jumper design. For now I'm making size 2 - 6, but I'm happy to make larger sizes for girls. Just ask.

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tskross said...

looking good! Glad to hear you're getting them up on etsy!