Monday, August 22, 2011

Corduroy Colors

I thought I'd show you the lush corduroys I've been working with to make the new jumpers. I love them (both the corduroy and the jumper). Colors and patterns are meshing well. Spirited clothes for my Annarella Girls. Colorful clothes for toddlers to 3rd graders. Great for back to school. Can you tell I'm excited by this new design and the new fabrics?

Here is the latest jumper unsder construction. If you look close you can see the bright aqua bodice. The background of the corduroy is a rich purple. Love the play of shades of blues, greens, and reds in the leaves and flowers. Ruffle will be butterflies and flowers. Fun, fun.

Another garden of flowers - pinks, greens and blues on a chocolate brown background. I'm thinking I'll pick up the pinks in the fabrics for the bodice and ruffle.

A little bit quieter but with bright colors, I haven't decided what cotton prints I'll use for bodice and ruffle. Should I go bright or quiet?

For all the other coerduroy prints I chose bright colors or bold graphics. This one is more muted. I paired it with the softer aquas. I'll post a pic soon. I love it.

This black and white houndstooth corduroy was used in my first sample. Look two or 3 posts back to see it on Ava for its trial run. Next jumper will use this fabric and accent it with a deep pink. Little girls love pinks.

All these jumpers look great with a sleeved tee. Collar or not. And leggings! Love leggings for comfort, warmth and modesty.

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