Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Likes

Although I like my weekends, I have always liked Mondays. After all the relaxation and entertainment of Saturday and Sunday, I welcome the return to my work routine on Monday. Today is no exception as I happily sew a litle sundress featuring black, red and yellow. Sounds wild, but the colors play quite well together. A nice way to start my week.

A bit of good news this Monday. Tyson Skross sent out a link to a site that has accepted his work. White Columns. This is a site that features artists of note who are currently unrepresented by a New York gallery. He is in some very good company. He is also currently in a new exhibition at the Saratoga Art Center. So good things are happening to a good artist.

And speaking of good artists, Allyson Smith has updated her website with some new work. Check it out. . She is slyly whimsical with a lightness of spirit which speaks to me. I love her new direction.

I hope you all are having a like Monday. Back to the sewing machine for me, but I'm smiling all the way.

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