Thursday, August 4, 2011

For the Ages

A sister turned 70 this week. Doesn't that sound old? Gadzooks! (I always wanted an excuse to use this word.) Can my 70's be far behind?

Why doesn't my mental image of my age match the reality of my age? How is 70 suppose to feel? For that matter, how is 67 suppose to feel? For those of you on the outside looking at me, I probably look, act and talk every year of my life. But my interior just can't accept it. How old do I feel? That's a hard question to answer. I don't feel an exact age. I just know that I don't feel any older than I did at 40, 50, 60. For a long time I've been on hold. Yes, I've noticed that my joints aren't as well oiled as they were. My TV blares louder and louder as my hearing becomes less acute. Failing night vision makes driving after dark iffy. All symptoms of creeping old age. (sometimes galloping) But when in my dreams I'm an adult but young, and in those waking minutes I'm filled with the youthful enthusiasm of possibilities.

On my youthful side. I'm still striving to reach the same goals that I've had for all these decades. There are still so many things that I want to learn or achieve. Into my 3rd or 4th career (I've lost count.) my talents and skills are still evolving. I awoke this morning thinking about a new design for my dresses. Personally I'm still trying to be a better person. I need to work on being a more caring friend, being less judgemental, being more accepting of everyone's faults. Oh, there are many, many, many ways I need to improve. And in the spirit of youth, I think I still have the time and energy to become a better me.

And I want to learn. I want to meet new people. Experience new places, foods, and books. My horizons are vast. Is this how old age feels? This is the look and sense of the new old age. Another adventure. I have no idea where the rest of the 60s or the coming 70s will take me, but I'm ready for the journey.

By the way, happy 50th birthday, President O'Bama. You've got some fun, interesting and self-expanding decades coming!

PS. No wonder I feel alive when I get to work on creations like the red, black yellow dress above!!!

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