Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Family Talent

What a talented family I have. Full of artists, writers, musicians and more. Yeah, sometimes I feel inferior but mostly I'm just so proud to be in such good company.

This morning my daughter-in-law, Pamela, has launched a new website featuring her interior design business Annarella Home. Yes, she was my partner in the store, Annarella. All the interior design, accessories and furniture were her speciality. She loved clean lines, durability and classic enduring pieces in the interiors she created. Since the store, Annarella, has closed she's been quietly building her business through word of mouth from satisfied customers. Now she is ready to grow and share her talents through this new website.

The pictures are beautiful!! I love her sensibility - tranquil and serene with an emphasis on functionality and livability. Each room is a jewel, spotlighting color and texture. Her designs are not stiff or stuffy. I always have the feeling being comfortable in her spaces.

What more can I say. Pamela is talented, hard working and responsive to all her clients needs and likes. Pass the word along. Click on her website and be prepared to enjoy. Visit it often as she is constantly adding new pics of her projects. Wait until you see the baby nursery she's currently working on.

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