Monday, August 8, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot

What more can I say. Here it is by the numbers. July was hottest month on record EVER here in Austin. The average temp was 102. Do you know how hot our days were if that was the average? It would have been slightly worse except we actually had 2 days that were not in the triple digits....they were 99. What a break!!

Last weekend we broke the record for consecutive days in the 100s. And there is no end in sight. Our next record attempt.... the most days, not consecutive, in a summer for being in the 100s is 69. We are now at 53. Do you think we'll reach it? The weather people say that nothing short of a miracle or hurricane will keep Austin from breaking that record. (And when it comes to hurricanes we must be very careful what we wish for.)

So how am I coping? As few clothes as possible. Not a pretty picture. lol The dog and I walk about 7 in the morning when its about 80. The downside is that the humidity is brutal. I start out with straight hair and come back with a curly mop. Not my best look, but my fellow bikers, joggers and dog walkers are blinded by the sweat dripping into their eyes and don't seem to notice my locks. Butler, the dog, is just happy to be out sniffing and smelling, watering all the lamp posts that he doesn't care how my coif looks.

Do I miss living in the North? Well, noone has had a cool summer. As much as I might complain about our summer, I'm grateful not to have to battle sub-zero temps, dirty snow, icy steps and sidewalks. Give me the heat. And forgive me for the touch of pride as we survive this record breaking season.

PS Have you noticed that there are not many jokes about global warming right now? It doesn't seem as comical an idea when the temps are 100+.
Enjoy the new apron dress and romper I finished last week. (I promise no sweat stains are on them. lol)

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