Saturday, August 6, 2011


Friday I got to share lunch with a favorite friend. This friend always makes me think - to ponder the possibilities. We grappled with mid-life choices. Didn't solve anything but at the end I had lots to think about.

I spent almost 10 years living in Geneva, Switzerland. (Yes, it was marvelous!!!) One of the many things I took away from that experience was an appreciation for the American "can do" spirit of innovation. Give us a problem, and we can solve it. (A digression. That was why I was so frustrated by the debacle in congress. They wanted to whine, preach and dissect the problem, but without a real effort at solving the problem.) Americans believe in personal growth and opportunities. We feel there are many different roads we can follow; it is up to us to choose. And in our lifetime we can and will experience much. We are not afraid of change.

Unlike the Europeans who seem to have a path chosen for them at an early age which will lead them on a predictable life through adulthood without too many suprises. I prefer our way. I love that I can change direction at different times in my life. I love that the schools here encourage late bloomers and embrace those who march to a different drummer. I love that 2 mid-life women can sit at lunch and discuss what they might become when they grow up.

The hard part is that we have so many choices it can be overwhelming. How do you find your new direction? Are you lucky enough to have a dormant passion just waiting to be awakened? I was. I think that one just keeps listening, experimenting, giving until you find your new fulfilling way. You need to be patient. And so to speak, you might have to kiss some frogs along the way. Down the road you'll look back and see how far you've come in this wonderful life. When someone asks you how you got so far, you'll be stuck for a good quick answer as you realize that it was small steps taken when you weren't afraid to explore the possibilities.

Good luck all of you out there who are venturing into the unknown, dipping your toes into the waters of possibilities!!!

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