Friday, February 26, 2010

Seven Smiles

A pause today to remember some of the small thihgs or events that are sure to bring me a smile.

1. I'm stealing the idea of this blog today. Jane compiles lists of 7's about all kinds of topics. She is bright and a bit sassy. Her observations either produce an aha memory - for instance, the amusing difference between the ideals of raising children, I'll never use the TV as a babysitter, and the realism of, 5 pm kids crabby, dinner not started, house in an utter mess, Mom's temper is rising; whats the harm in SpongeBob Squarepants? (Been there, done that and rationalized that it was even healthy for the kids.) Or she links me to something I didn't know but find intensely interesting and, often, inspiring. She has an amazing mind and a good skill for writing. Try reading her and see if she makes you smile.

2. 6 grandchildren. All my grandkids are special. Just being in their presence is usually enough to make me smile. While they all share extreme smartness, great smiles, beauty or handsomeness and well-developed funny bones, they are as different in interests and temperament as possible. Luckily they seem to be drawing from the best of the gene pool.

3. Sunshine and fluffy clouds. I love blue skies with bits of random fluff. I was shocked when flying to discover that cumulus clouds are actually very bumpy and throw a plane around. But I love seeing them from the ground and imagining what their shapes are - ships, dogs, cars etc.

4. The music of Randy Newman. A piano player/composer who wrote "Short People." He is ironic and a little dark but I love him. For 30 years he has been with me through many moves and much work. He definitely makes me smile and often laugh out live. Of my many favorites I reccomend "Political Science."

5. A rare hamburger and skinny fries. Here in Georgetown The Wildfire Restaurant has my favorite hamburger. They cook it properly to order using the best ground beef. Unfortunately they make steak fries. They're good but not as great as MacDonalds. McD's has some of the best skinny fries in America.

6. Wildflowers. This year should be spectacular for the bluebonnets. There's been lots of rain. Thank you Lady Bird Johnson for encouraging Texas and all those other states to let the wildflowers grow along our interstate highways. Their beauty helps the trips go faster.

7. Creating. Working with fabrics in many colors and patterns makes me smile. The process from planning to completion gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Spying them on a little girl is a thrill. I get so much pleasure from Annarella Girl, it feels like it should be illegal.

So there are seven things that make me smile. How about you? What are the small inspirations in your life?

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susan said...

what makes me smile? seeing you happy, creative, inspired, content, healthy, sassy and loving. seven 'ellie-istics'!