Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In Pursuit of Excellence

I find the Olympic Games to be a source of inspiration. Sometimes its the event itself. For instance the incredible skating of the Chinese pairs last night. (Gold to Shen and Zhao; silver to Pang and Tong) As they pushed to the edge of their physical ability, they also showed great musicality. Wonderful, wonderful! Can you imagine moving across the slippery ice at such incredible speeds while jumping, spinning, lifting in time to the music? They made it look easy and natural. Although I was alone I had the urge to give them a standing ovation!!

Sometimes it is the back story that inspires. Who couldn't root for the Canadian ski freestyler, Bilodeau? His performance was outstanding but that he shared it with his handicapped brother, in fact gave him the credit for pushing him to put in the hard work necessary to compete as a world class athlete. Notice many of the competitors have a family who has supported them through endless practices and injuries. Don't you like the P&G commercials that honor the moms? (Only could be improved if it also mentioned the dads.)

And sometimes it's the words of the athletes that inspire. An interview with Apollo Ohno, speed skater, contained this thought from him. This is his 3rd Olympics. How does he keep the momentum and focus he needs to make the sacrifices of time and social life. He said (and I paraphrase) that every night he asks himself if he has done his best that day, put forth his maximum effort. If only we all lived our lives with that mantra. So I'm trying harder to put forth my best effort to live my best life every day. Thank you, Apollo Ohno!!

Now I'm off to see more of the Olympics while I sew. I wonder what will especially inspire me today. (Maybe there are one or two of you who wish that I would be inspired to improve ny spelling and punctuation. Sorry for all the mistakes.)

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