Monday, February 22, 2010

Now for a Commercial Break

Here continues my love affair with the Olympic Games. Between the stellar performances and the interviews are some good commercials. I know, besides the Super Bowl, who watches TV ads any more? I do. And I'm enjoying many of the ones crafted especially for the Olympics.

Visa has a series that celebrates great moments of the past Games. Very inspiring to see again moments like the figure skating couple who crashed and came back to win silver. And the story of Dan Jantsen, the speed skater. What inner courage and determination compels these athletes to overcome physical and emotional trauma?

I've mentioned P&G ads before. They celebrate the Moms of the athletes. In almost all circumstances American athletes have incredible families who put in long hours transporting, caring for, and watching their kids practice and participate in countless meets. How did they do it - getting up at 4 to drive to the rink, sit through an hour or two of practice, delivering child to school, then working an 8 hour day only to reverse the process in the evening.? Grueling!

Coca Cola reminds us that with every sip we've taken over the years we've all supported the incredible men and women who represent USA. Makes me feel good! I remember when training was much more haphazard because athletes had to work to support themselves. Companies like Coke have spend millions to create a program that allows the US athletes to train in top notch facilities and live comfortably but frugally. Good job, corporate America.

Are you getting bored with my love of the Olympics? Another week to go!!!

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