Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pajama Day

As I type my title in I'm aware I forgot to put a headline on yesterday's post. Usually a title is the first thing I compose, but it was such an emotional tribute I couldn't think of one to begin and then I forgot to add it at the end. Truth is I still have difficulty with a fitting header, so I leave it titleless for another day.

It's another drizzly day here in central Texas. A good day to stay in pajamas - warm, soft, comfy pajamas. My choice is a tee shirt washed so many times it has become cuddly. Knit pants in varying lengths depending on the temperature. Not an extremely attractive look, but oh so comfortable.

Since I now working at home I could stay in pajamas all dat every day, but I resist that temptation. Mornings I work in pjs while I drink my 2 cups of coffee and eat my yoghurt. Then I clean up, change clothes, and do my household chores. Then back to the sewing room. Somehow just wearing slightly more constructed clothing that I wouldn't be horrified to be seen in makes me feel more businesslike. But today I might just stay in pajamas keeping a cold, rainy day at bay.
Hope you like the latest romper!!! Not a pj but just as comfy for the little ones. Plus the pinks and yellow bring sunshine into my workroom.

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