Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A friend has a sick child - not a tummy ache kind of sickness - but cancer. Nikki's cancer is an inoperable brain tumor. Her ordeal started 3 years ago at age 13. She has handled her illness with an incandescent smile and optimism despite the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy and the cancer. She was hospitalized last week when her body systems wanted to shut down, but like the trooper she is, Nikki is fighting back.

Her parents are in the worst nightmare imagineable. I can't begin to imagine how they are feeling or what they are thinking. No one should have to watch their child lie in ICU with machines attached. Cherie and Michael have handled this latest medical emergency with an unbelieveable grace as they have handled every up and down in the last 3 years. They have fought to get the best treament for Nikki. They have been gracious to all the wellwishers even when they are at their most tired. They have remained determined to live a life with more smiles than tears.

They have a multitude of friends who all feel the same. "If we knew how to take away some of their pain, we would. If we could take on Nikki's cancer, we would." But often it is a lonely battle for Cherie, Michael and Nikki. Know that we carry you in our hearts and minds; we are in awe of your courage and will; we look forward to seeing that great Nikki smile soon.

Get well, Nikki!!!

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