Monday, February 8, 2010

Birthday Month

My February is filled with family birthdays. Just in the last week there were 3 important ones. First my husband celebrated his 65th. WOW! We met in high school, married after college and now have 6 grandchildren. Its a good life!

My two oldest grandchildren also celebrate birthdays within 2 days of each other but 2 years apart in age. At 12, Sophie, and 10, Ivy, they are spirited, intelligent and beautiful children, They are very different in mood and interests. Sophie is the soft, gentle people-pleaser - loves singing and dancing, writing and reading; Ivy is the energetic, curious loner - loves all critters, computers and games.. Both are so special and unique. I love being around them. I love watching them

Sophie is the tall one with all those luscious curls. And here we have Ivy eating apple pie, her favorite dessert!!

Indulge me while I share a poem I wrote when Sophie was a toddler and Ivy was about to be born. Although not great literature, I hope it expresses my wonderment and joy found in all my grandchildren.


I never believed in fairies but I wanted to

In the shadowed corner of a stone porch my whispering sister stole the secret of Santa, the Easter Bunny and all things magical from me.

Witnessed: miracle of my beautiful daughter from my body Witnessed: miracle of my beautiful granddaughter from her body

Now I have unabashed faith in fairies. Can there be any other explanation for these mysticall creatures who now visit my spirit's garden?

Winged wonders flitting through my life brightening my soul with each touch of their sparkly wands stunning with their magic dust fallout of splendor that fertilizes the love hidden in every rocky cleft, thorned bush and uncurled frond of my being

Happy Birthdays to all of you!!!!!

(How come line and word spacings are different drom what I do and then what is posted?)

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