Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hanging around the Workroom

Today is a planning day. Typically I cut out 4 or 5 outfits from a color way. Sew them. Then repeat with a different color palette. And so and so forth. By changing colors I keep fresh while building up stock.

The planning starts with the fabrics laid out on my work table. Usually there are 6-8 patterns, today I'm starting with 17. My main note is pink, and I have quite a few bits and pieces which are large enough for straps or bodices. I'm never sure what the outcome will be. I sit/stand back and let the materials speak to me. Sometimes this is a short process, but more often I dither, move fabrics in and out, add and subtract. So wish me luck.
Enjoy the photos of a few of the items which are hanging around in my workroom. The blue and green combo echoes the Olympic colors even though I started it before. Sometimes the synchronocity (I made up that word. Like it?) is eerie.

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susan said...

synchronocity. what a fabulous word. the fabric of life woven with colorful threads of hope, love and happenstance.
I adore the work you do. the patterns, colors and flourishes all combine into a beautiful simplicity. keep up the inspired work.