Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dream a Little Dream

I'm still struggling with where I want to take this business. There is a part of me who says be content with what you have. Keep it small and uncomplicated. Make a dress here and there. Attend a craft show once in a while. Sell a couple of items on etsy each year. Accept that Annarella Girl is a hobby not a business.

No sooner do I decide that I'm going to be content with not treating this seriously, I find myself dreaming of AG as a business. My sub-concious just will not stay quiet. So what am I to do? I love the creative side of designing and sewing. I detest the business side. I don't want to keep accounting books. I don't want to make the money decisions alone. A clear cut understanding of finances is my weakness.

I've handled finances in the past, but I never seem to get better at it. And I certainly don't learn to like them better. To succeed in business you need to be able to integrate good money planning into your present and future goals. I'm past the point where I want to do all accounting input or crunch all the numbers. I need a good partner who enjoys the accounting side - not only to balance the books but to meld her/his financial vision with my creative vision. There is no 100% guarantee that a new business will not fail, but 100% surety that a business will fail without a vision based on money - income and outgo.

Does such a person exist? I don't know. That is where the dream comes in. In my heart I'd love to grow my business. But I don't have the energy to do it by myself. I need a money person. Someone who can look at our strengths and weaknesses and share the decisions about the future and how to succeed. While I wait for such a person to drop into my life, I'll just keep it small and simple.

But I'll keep dreaming!

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