Friday, February 12, 2010

Here Comes the Weekend!

Gonna keep it short and sweet this time. Two of my favorite events are coming. Tonight starts the Olympics. I love watching the drama of these events. I am in total awe of these athletes who train so hard and with such focus to be among the best in the world. I like hearing the back stories about their lives, their families, their homes. Thanks to Roone Arledge who realized that we couch potatoes would be fascinated with the up close and personal look at the winners and losers. (This was the start of reality TV, I think.) So for two weeks I get to see it all from the ice skating to ice hockey to curling. Cheers to all!!!

Valentine's Day. I hope everyone has someone to love, child, paent, grandparent or friend. I leave you with Allyson Smith's triptych "Two in the Space of One." Enjoy!!!

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