Friday, August 24, 2012

Week of the Knee Replacement: Dismissal

Friday is here. Yesterday was spent getting wires and machines removed in preparation for release. We still await a decision on what today brings. Will he come home? Or go to a rehab facility? One sure thing, this hospital is done with him.

There are pros and cons for each option. At home he gets to be surrounded by familiar things, but he has to leave his hospital bed behind. At rehab he gets more intensive therapy, but he must eat hospital type food. At home he has one feeble caretaker to help him around; at rehab he has strong arms and backs to teach him how to take care of himself. Pros and cons! We await a decision and are prepared to deal with either option.

Husband has been a good patient. He is doing everything he is asked and enduring the discomfort stoically. The goals of getting better, walking, bending and flexing are never far from his mind. Thanks to all who have called. He has enjoyed the conversations and laughs. You've made the time pass more quickly.

Until tomorrow -  wherever we are.

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