Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Love Ya Still

After I posted yesterday, I kept thinking about my siblings. Dreaming about what I would do if I could have some time with them So here are my thoughts.

Older sister - I'd like to explore the Northwest with you. Visit the San Juan islands, dine along the Columbia River, indulge in the family love of books at Powells. Then sit and talk, read your poetry and fill my soul with your laughter.

Sister 2 - I want to share my morning cup of coffee with you on your porch with the cats where we will catch up on the past, the present and our future. Wonderfully warm chit-chat to start our day.

Brother - I'd like to share the soarings of the bald eagles that nest near your river. To sit in silence as we enjoy the amazements of nature all around us.

Youngest Brother - I want to introduce you to my dog, Butler. I know he would love you, and you would be properly in awe of him. We could sit outside and appreciate the frolicking of our dogs while discussing the foibles of mankind.

Simple wishes for time with family. I find great comfort in just having the dream.

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