Sunday, August 12, 2012


Afriend died this week. He took his own life. Why?

Suicide is such an ugly act. It leaves a bewildered family and confused friends to mourn. Sadness is laced with many questions. How do you celebrate a life which left him so unsatisfied that he could only see a premature end? How do you commemorate an event which hurts so many people? Do we ignore the offense and concentrate on good times?

He was a part of my family's life for almost 50 years. At first meeting there was an instant recognition of kinship. There were good times and much laughter. Good golf with the guys. Great cookouts with kids in constant motion. Memorable Caribbean vacations from St Thomas to St Lucia to the Bahamas. There were unimaginable tears shared with the death of a daughter.

In short we shared all that life threw at us. Now this. Good or bad we never lost hope that we would go on - together. Shattered. Strange. Sorrowful. We are sorry that life became so unbearable. Our hearts ache for the grief and pain left for the family to deal with. We friends are left with a hole in the fabric of our history. Memories will be held close, and regrets about the loss of chances to make more will continue.

There are no answers to the questions. Only  "what ifs" and "if onlies."

So, we say a simple goodby. We were glad to know you. We hope you know that we cared.

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