Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Week of Knee Replacement: Operation Day

Whoo! What an early start to our day. Head out to hospital at 5:00 AM. No mistakes  in the dark as we find the right hospital and check in. Why must everyone ask the same questions ad nauseum? Name, date of birth, what procedure? Check and cross check. I haven't seen him yet after surgery, but I can't see how they could make a mistake. There was a big black sharpie check on the proper knee, and a shunt in groin north of knee to deliver the nerve blocker. Hard to miss signs pointing to bad knee. So I have faith that they have replaced the right knee.

He is now in recovery. As soon as he gets into his room, I'll go to see him. Not expecting him to spend much awake time today. As a young man he talked in his sleep. Who knows maybe I'll find out some juicy secret.

Thanks for all your positive thoughts and keep thinking them. Be back tomorrow with more updates.

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susan said...

love and best wishes ... to the patient and the nurse! xxoo