Monday, August 6, 2012

Small Thoughts on a Summer Morning

This morning as I sat outside watching my dog, a cardinal came to visit. He conversed from a branch with a chip, chip before flying away to the next yard. Cardinals always remind me of my mother. Outside her kitchen window over the sink perched on the sill was a birdfeeder. As we washed dishes a variety of birds nibbled the grains and seeds. It was entertaining to watch them squabble and search out the choicest morsels as they practiced pinpoint landings. Often their behavior mirrored our actions inside. "Who's turn was it to wash the dishes? Why is she off tonight? Where is she, she's suppose to be drying?" I wonder what the birds were thinking on their side of the glass as  they observed our antics.

Speaking of morning moments, last week a hummingbird came to cavort in the sprinklers. A sight I've never seen before. I love these special happenings in nature. Although it was a one-time, probably, event, I hold it in my mind and revisit the memory often. Isn't nature wonderful? What joy and wonder is in our world.

Temperatures are hovering around the 100's here, so it is hard to think that autumn is close. In my sewing room I'm finished most of the summer special orders and turned toward fall and winter. Above is a wondeful, soft brushed plaid being made into a jumper. It makes me smile as I work - the pinks, the plaid, the touch. How lucky am I to be spending a Monday morning doing what I love!!

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