Monday, August 20, 2012

The Week of the Knee Replacement: Day One

No, it's not me but my husband. After some years of ignoring pain and increasing immobility the man has decided the time has come to get a new knee. The operation is tomorrow; today is filled with pre-op stuff.

We had an  unscheduled reheardal yesterday. The pain was unbearable (and this is someone with a very high pain tolerance.) So off we trundled to the ER. After x rays, ultrasound, consult with surgeon, blood drawn and much time, it was decided to pump him full of pain killers and wait for surgery. As the doctor said, "This knee is truly a mess and needs to go."

Today we practiced my fetching and carrying for him. Believe me, he won't be gaining weight while having to depend on me for all meals. He can't drive; I must be his chauffeur for the next month. All of you, feel sorry for him and sorrier for me as we deal with a loss of freedom and increased dependency. We will survive (as long as we are kept far away from sharp objects!) I am confident when the operation and rehabilitation are finsihed. we will think it was worth it as the pain becomes a dim memory and walking becomes a reality.

Updates coming as we settle into our new routine.

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