Monday, June 21, 2010

That Summer Feeling

On this the first day of summer, it seems appropriate to invite all of you to the new exhibit at the Davis Gallery in Austin for a group show which includes 2 of my favorite artists, Laurel Daniel and Christopher St Leger.

Beach Day by Laurel Daniel

One of my favorite landscape artists, Laurel Daniel is noted for capturing the mood of place with her use of light. I am always drawn in to her pieces like the one above because it is so tranquil with the hanging towels but speaks to the fun in the sun had before. As with many artists she tells a whole story in this one scene. I'm transported to my favorite tropical isle and memories of beach fun. Ahhh...Summer dreams!

pontiac by Christopher St Leger

Christopher St Leger is an extraordinary watercolorist. Look at the vitality and movement in his portrait of a skateboarder. He takes what is traditionally a gentle, often insipid, medium and uses it with vigor. His vibrant color palettes add life in his scenes of the streets. A brilliant artist!!!!

So don't miss the chance to see the exhibit, That Summer Feeling, which runs until August 28. And visit Laurel Daniel and Christopeher St Leger at their websites. A feast for the eyes and a balm for the soul.


Robin Norgren-Well of Creations said...

CONGRATS to you; it looks to be a great event and wha a privilege to be a part. From a fellow flyer, Robin

Laurel Daniel said...

Ellie - thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing about our art show on your blog! It's so very, very encouraging. I LOVE seeing what you are doing here and reading about your creative process and path.