Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Design and Color; Oh My, Oh My

I'm awash in color. My eyes leap from one pattern to another. Almost so many choices I am don't know where to start. Shades of pink? or green? or lavendar?

Bright or soft? Bold floral pattern or subtle geometric repeat? Aren't I lucky to have such a sensory overload?

The hues and tones are what I love most about the clothes. Then comes the prints. There is no method to my madness ( okay, call it insanity, if you must be literal) I just play with different remnants until I see a dress or skirt appear.

Sometimes I picture one of the girls in my life or someone I've met in the garment as it takes shape on my table. What wonderful inspiration I get from these charming, intelligent creatures. They are so special.

I'm excited as I see a fall/winter line emerge with its jewel tones. Won't they look great over leggings? or skinny pants? or turtlenecks (for those in the colder climates) or long sleeve tees?

I'm awash in beautiful colors. Aswim in varied prints. Come play with me. Choose a fabric here, add a fabric there. A dash of ribbon. Oh my, oh my!
(I tried to write this post without using an exclamation point. Well, I almost made it.)


Robin Norgren-Well of Creations said...

I absolutely LOVE how you have your fabric organized! (there is my exclamation point..) ;) From a fellow flyer, Robin

ellie said...

Yhanks, Robin, your comments are so encouraging,

shirleymcgann said...

I just hopped over from Flying lessons....wow, the fabric is Fabulous. I'm lovin the color combinations and your so organized! Who cares if the house is clean...the artist is happy. That's what is important. Nice to meet you.


primrose said...

I too love how you organized your fabrics. I have so many remnants and this would be a perfect way to organize and still be able to view them. Do you ever sell your scraps?I use only "rescued" fabrics in my bags.

celebrate CREATIVITY in all its forms said...

What a great way to organize your fabric stash.

Not to mention how much fun it must be to open the door and see all these wonderful colors and combinations staring back at you.

Nice idea.