Tuesday, June 8, 2010


work table and ironing board against long wall

my sewing space with spools of threads and ribbons,

new machine in its space with cubes on each side.

My revised work room is finished. I'm ready with another sewing space so I can have a helper. But let me assure you all garnents will be handmade except the leggings which are mass produced but hand embellished. As you can see with a limited amount of floor space we've been forced to use wall space. I think I'm going to love having the fabrics hung. I need to be able to see what fabrics I have so I can combine them Also love additional shelves to hold what I don't use or need daily but weekly. Still easy to get to but not under foot.
Many thanks to husband and Jennifer for their ideas and help. Now I'm off to sew.


jennwhite said...

Mom - the workroom looks great!! Dad did a great job on the shelves. So excited for you!

Laurel Daniel said...

What a great space!!! Love seeing where it all happens!