Friday, June 25, 2010

Baby Steps

Happy Friday. Here comes the last weekend in June. I have no idea where June has gone. Is it just old age which speeds up the perception of time? Or is it just being so busy? Either way where has it gone?

It has been a busy month for me. Fun busy - full of grandchildren, new fabrics, special orders, designing and sewing. I've mentioned almost every post about the ecourse, Flying Lessons, I'm taking (and loving.) Kelly Rae Roberts has filled my head with possibilities and dreams. Not only the fanciful but lots of facts and tips about how to reach your goals.

One of my favorite tips is moving forward in baby steps. Breaking a big goal - like social networking down into small, doable steps. By taking deep breaths and doing one part at a time, I'm back to blogging more frequently and getting ready to start a fan page on facebook. Don't know if I'm ready for twitter, but maybe in the future.

I've taken on 2 assistants, Lucy and Nikki. Nikki is a highschooler who is helping me get all my products catalogued and then keep it up-to-date. She wants to learn how to sew and help with production which she will slowly. She only has use of her right hand and arm so we're trying to come up with tricks to make it possible to cut out and sew. Any suggestions?

Lucy is helping with the cutting out, pinning, and pressing. She, also, will be able to do some of the simple sewing, like making straps. Together they are awesome help. I hope we all will speed up the production time for each garment without sacrificing any of the quality of which I am very proud. Annarella Girl dresses are made to be worn often, washed frequently and passed on to other little girls.

Enough babbling for today. Have a good weekend. Enjoy sunshine and all the possibilities!!


Jenny Blair said...

Hi there Ellie, its so true what you say about the baby steps...thats what I keep reminding myself anyways!
I wanted to thank you for your comment on my you gathered its very early days for me...back to those baby steps hey?! But words of support are always appreciated HUGELY! Thankyou!
I'm also glad I have been introduced to your blog...what wonderful clothes you make, and what fantastic colours...I have a two year old who LOVES to twirl so must check out your shop!
Big hugs
Jenny X

ellie said...

Thanks, Jenny.