Sunday, January 20, 2013

Qualities of Life

Among the background noise of my Sunday TV I hard someone talking about what qualities make a great president. Courage, integrity, and patience. Isn't that what we wish for our children to learn and develop? Isn't that what we need to exhibit in our daily lives? Certainly not easy always, but we can do it. By example we can lead our children - be leaders for our children.

I can get pretty preachy on this blog. You probably get very tired of my ranting. But I have a need to speak my mind. I take the risk that you won't agree with me, but my hope is that you will think. You will think about the world around us even if it can be a frightening and frustrating place. You will think about the legacy we leave for future generations. You will think about how to do your best and encourage others to do theirs. You will think about how your actions will impact others. Hey, pretty heavy stuff, isn't it?

I envision my life, my words, my dreams, my best as the pebble dropped into the pond with ripples spreading wide. Never knowing what effect I have but hopeful that at least one person feels better, does better and passes it on. I believe in the power of one. When I think back on my life, there are people who inspired me - a teacher, a mentor, a sibling, a parent, a child, a friend. As a gathering they've made me a better person - more caring, more daring, more compassionate, more sympathetic - often in small ways, but I still practice and try to improve every day by remembering their words and actions.

Hero? No. At most I hope that I've encouraged my children and grandchildren to lead good lives. Maybe a friend is happier for knowing me. Maybe a customer smiles when seeing what I create. Maybe the good and happiness spread in the pond of humanity. A ripple of smiles and caring.

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