Friday, January 11, 2013

Dream of a Pink Pencil

It's a new poem from Linda Appel in response to my blog of Jan. 7, "Little Things Mean a Lot.". Enjoy!!!
Dream of a Pink Pencil
The pink pencil you found
tucked in your Christmas stocking
was inscribed "Love is all you need,"
and you take delight in those trochees,
that make the music of your days.
I dream of your pink pencil
becoming mine, and I shave
away a cone of painted wood, exposing
a point of graphite with which to write the words:
great words, more words, many many words
of truth, both yours and mine. They uncoil
from the end of the pencil as the wood shavingv curled
away, but I fear I'm losing the best ones,
still locked in the bits of lead dropped
into the trash as I sharpened it.
But there are plenty more words to affix
to the paper, so I go with the ones I have. Sorting
them, rearranging them as diffeerent parts of speech
until the pencil point goes dull.
I sharpen it again and wait
for the words, the strong words,
the beautiful and beloved words to scroll
off the pink pencil, giving me
all I need to make a poem.
Linda Knowlton Appel
1/8-9, 2013
Bravo, Linda.  I love your strong, beautiful, beloved words that you share with me.
Ps. Unicorn Farts is a lip balm made by Long Winter Farm based in Maine. Can't you just imagine what fun they have with names during those long winters? And it is soothing and good.
PPS. pink pencil is from Earmark, social paper goods. Great stuff. They can be found on pinterest and facebook, also. 

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earmark said...

Oh my goodness, this is just wonderful!! I am so touched that our pink pencils could spark some wonderfulness! This made my day! THANK YOU!