Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fallen Heros

I live near Austin, Texas - Lance Armstrong country. Like so many others I didn't want to believe that he used performance enhancing drugs and procedures to ensure his reign at the top of the cycling world. I wanted to believe his story - a rise by hard work from cancer against all odds. This fall I finally accepted the overwhelming evidence and sadly left my hero.

With many millions I will watch his interview with Oprah. What do I hope to gain from it? An understanding of the culture of competition which has given rise to cheating? I'm not sure. Maybe I am like the bystander who can't take his eyes off the horrific train crash. I want to look away but I still can't believe it is happening. "Say it isn't so, Joe."

Do any of you out there care? Is it a stretch to question if this is a result of a money driven culture? Or is it part of the celebrity cult - fame at any cost? I don't know.

On a much lighter note, I'm making my first sundress in at least a month. Before the holidays I did lots of skirts. But now I have the time to work with some new palettes and fabrics to make some sample dresses. Feels good. I am smiling. Cotton materials are smooth and silky as they run through the sewing machine. I'm getting ready for a photo shoot in February. Sneak peek coming soon.

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