Thursday, January 10, 2013

Old Fart

I follow a blog by an artist in Pennsylvania, Judy Grupp. She has experienced the same frustration as I with uploading pics.She has solved the problem but is not happy about it, and her daughter has accused her of being an "old fart" because ahe complains. The solution involves using Google Chrome. Most of us writers/bloggers use microsoft programs. Now, it seems that microsoft and google have decided not to talk to each other. It is bad enough when children argue, threaten and "take their marbles and go home," but I must shake my head when billion dollar corporations have tantrums.

When I get a spare hour or 2, I will learn how to use google chrome, but like Judy I will be mumbling and whining. Please, spare me any more changes because you, google, can't/won't talk to microsoft. Or at the least, give me warning. I have lots of pictures sitting in my windows files.

It is difficult to blossom when surrounded by nettles.

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