Saturday, January 26, 2013

Good and Bad

Can the ugly be far behind? Hope not!

My lovely second sister is going to be working with me on some sewing. I am so excited! She is talented and clever. (I can't believe it, but once while living in Turkey she made a dress for my niece entirely by hand! I am in awe.) So this weekend I'm busy, happily so, organizing a box to send to her. I'm writing lots of notes and including some pictures. Keep your fingers crossed that she will looove the process of creating with me. (I even have my toes crossed.) Beam us your good thoughts!!!

I can't express how wonderful it is to be working with both my sisters - Linda, the poet, and Marsha, the seamstress. If I could think of some way to involve my 2 brothers, I would. If for no other reason than to talk to them regularly. My admiration for the talent, intelligence and sense of humor that runs throughout my family, knows no bounds.

And the bad. I've written fairly recently about the joy that comes from successfully completing a project from the spark of an idea to the finished project. On the flip side this week has seen me struggling and temporarily putting aside a less than successful project. In my mind the design for a dress with sleeves was fresh, sassy and whimsical. In reality it is none of those things. It is tired and muddled. So I must set it aside while I decide if any of the ideas it incorporated are viable. I'm a little sad. And I hate that I've wasted 3 days on a failure. I have always told my children that failing is progress. "You know that you don't have to do that again. You can move forward to the next idea." But this morning failure feels just like itself - a bit like falling down.  Painful!!!

If I'm not posting as regularly as before, it is because I'm busy. Picking myself up, putting on bandaids, and moving on.

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