Monday, January 31, 2011

New Design

Its been a good week here. First we who live in Central Texas have been treated to sunny, warm - in the 70's weather. Hooray! Lots of time spent outdoors revelling in the caress of warm sun on my face. Today is suppose to be the last day of warmth. Then we will be plunged back into frigid temps. Of course, nothing like you all in the NorthEast or MidWest, but for us the 30's are brrrrrr.

With a little bit of spring fever brewing last week, I went shopping. I stumbled over a special supply of onsies. They sparked an idea. For babies I love the ease of onsies. Easy to put on, stretchy and comfortable, and easy to wash. But I don't want to make them - really dislike working with lightweight knits. My light bulb moment saw an adorable baby onsie with an attached skirt. Rather like a tutu,but in the soft, colorful cottons I love working with. After several days of research I was ready to try my hand at creating something, cute, comfortable and Annarella Girl-ish. Take a peek at two.

Let me know what you think. First is size 0-3 months. Next is 6 months. This week I hope to borrow a baby to try them out for comfort. And to make sure I got the proportions right. I'll post a picture if this step is successful.
Don't you love it when a creative idea actually developes into a finished product?
Have a snuggy week. Be kind to all you meet. I heart kind people.

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susan said...

incredibly cute. you are so creative.