Friday, January 7, 2011

Holidays Over?

How do you know when the holidays are over?

When the last Chrismas cookie is eaten.

Here is one of my baking helpers. She did a great job! The cookies were as pretty as they were delicious. Long gone.

When all the bed linens are changed, towels are washed and guest rooms are back to normal - empty. (A little sad.)

When outside lights are off and inflatables are deflated puddles, awaiting the helpers to come and put back in the attic for another year.

When the last gift card is spent. I went to DSW yesterday to get a new pair of New Balance shoes. Hooray!

When I'm back to work. My sewing room is awash in new, bright fabrics. The sewing machine is humming. I'm all smiles as the rack of new dresses, rompers and skirts grows.

(pink, blue romper size 12-18 mos)

You can find me on Tuesday and Thursday at Mama Ds, 407 University Ave, Georgetown Texas.

When the inside decorations are down and packed into their bins. Holiday linen and rugs laundered.

Only one step left before the festivities are behind me. Finding the one elusive item which has escaped all notice until every box and bin is in the attic. Where does it hide? How does it know it is time to appear, that I thought I had found everything?

Good bye to one of the best holiday season ever!!!!!

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