Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ABC's of My New Year

Appreciation - I have so many good things in my life - an awesome family who I love being with. If I haven't told you how much I love you lately, forgive me. Daily I think of you and give thanks for having you in my life!

Balance - I'm trying to learn how to have a place in my life for work and play. Last year I was better at taking time to relax, but I still need lots of practice at play. My self worth is all tangled up in my work. Can I learn that I am valuable when I'm not working?

Creativity - When I exercise my crafty muscles, I am so joyful. I feel like I am soaring with possibilities. As always my challenge is to support my creative life financially. Ahhh the challenge for almost all artists and crafters.

Thoughts from my workroom. Have a productive day with your ABCs.


Bev said...

my self worth is tangled up in my art, and when i am not doing that, i suffer...totally get what you are saying about balance...
happy new year to you!

ellie said...

Thanks, Bev, for the affirmation. I suspect there are lots of us out there.