Friday, January 21, 2011

The Power of Hugs

This morning on the Today Show a relationship expert said a husband should hug his wife for 30 seconds a day. This will get her endorphines going. If she feels better, the relationship will be better.

Great thought. Parents should make sure they hug their kids daily for 30 seconds. Kids should hug their parents for 30 seconds. Hug a friend. Hug a spouse. We'll all feel better. And relationships are bound to be good.

Yesterday I stopped by J Bryant Boyd Architect, (a creative, honorable archiect with many beautiful homes to his credit.) to see my son, the draftsman and office manager. He's been sick this week but was back at work. I felt he needed a hug. In reality I needed a hug. Not for any good reason but just because. I also have a very good friend who works parttime there. So I got to get a hug from her. Didn't think too much about these hugs but went on my merry way with a smile. Feeling good! Then when the expert mentioned the power of hugs, I immediately thought back to yesterday and how good those hugs made me feel. I had powerful endorphins for several hours. So simple! So pwerful!

So give hugs today - friends, partners, children, spouses. You will feeeeel so good!!!

inspired by a Texas sunset....romper, size 18-24 months...doesn't make you smile?
(top) inspired by a Carribean island....skirt size medium...makes me feel warm and sunny.


susan said...

free hugs. new sign for the door - may bring in some business.

I so agree about the power of a hug. takes such little effort and gives huge dividends for all involved.

I always think your outfits are like little hugs. made with love.

ellie said...

thanks for the hug I got from your comment.