Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mad about Madras

Does anybody out there remember the first time madras plaid was popular? This dates me, but I coveted all things mardras when I was growing up. It was so Ivy, League that is. So classic and smart. In the olden days it faded every time it was washed and became softer with each wearing. Skirts, dresses, Bermuda shorts, golf pants, and sports jacket. These were cool before cool was hip! Add weejuns on your feet, without socks, of course, and we went dancing, shopping, and school. Coooooool.

This week I've been working with madras patchwork fabric. It can be a real pain, but I'm carried on clouds of remeniscences through the picky work to a place of teen joys. I still love the look of madras. It is no longer made to fade with each washing. It is already soft. Now it is just heavenly colors and good looks.

Here's what is hanging on my door waiting to be photographed. -3 dresses, a romper and a skirt. All using some madras mixed in with other fabrics. Pink. green and blue - pastel smart!

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