Friday, April 27, 2012

The Bees Knees

Where did this expression come from? We humans have cute knees but they give out after a certain amount of use. Bees have spindly knees but I've never heard of a bee knee replacement. Maybee we need to learn from them. Fly instead of walk. Does that lead to shoulder surgery? Just asking.

Tomorrow and Sunday I'll be at the Red Poppy Fest along with thousands (I hope!) Should be lots of sunshine. Please come and enjoy all the music, food, family activities. It's been a buzzy week leading up to it. Special orders coming in. Looks like I'll be buzzy as a bee in the month of May!

I am skipping the Wilmington Flower Market. I'll miss all my fans there. Always a good show for me with lots of returning girls. Fun to see them grow. Maybe next year. In the meantime if you are used to finding me there, try my etsy or facebook pages.

Bee good and enjoy whatever your buzzy weekend brings!! Remember you can find me on 7th street in downtown Georgetown on the street outside The Exchange's new location. Parade starts at 10. Come early and stay late.

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