Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Eggs Traditions

Talking to my youngest son yesterday and reminescing about coloring Easter eggs. He said that in conversations around the water cooler at his work, many mentioned finding eggs with money in them. Poor boy, a tradition he never got to experience. Told him how lucky he was that his parents were purists - boil the eggs, color the eggs, hide the eggs - no plastic, fill them up eggs at his house. How lucky was he to be  spared from the corruption of crass commercialization of cash eggs. (Gotta love such a blatant use of alliteration!) lol.

Don't feel to sorry for him. Baskets were over the top filled with toys, chocolates, jelly beans and peeps. Put on foot of bed until he graduated from high school. Always with the piece de resistance of a big bunny. Hmm, shall I start nibbling at the feet or ears?

Happy Easter!!!

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